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(#7) He gets jealous of Josh.

Niall: You were hanging out at Niall’s flat with some friends of his. You didn’t know anybody there but Josh and Niall (of course). Niall wasn’t talking to you and you were getting really annoyed with him, so you found Josh. You two talked and drank and had tons of fun. Niall heard you laughing and turned to look at you. He saw you two laughing and having fun and was instantly jealous. He didn’t act on it until he saw Josh grab your ass! He was just playing around with you (you were both pretty drunk at this point) but Niall didn’t know that. “Excuse me,” he mutters to the person he talking to while practically running over to you two. He snuck up behind you and grabbed your waist, trying to let Josh know he needed to back off. “Hey baby,” Niall whispers in your ear while proceeding to kiss your neck. “Josh, love you mate, but don’t touch her ever again, got it?” Josh’s face turned redder than it already was he and walked away. Niall didn’t let you out of his sight for the rest of the night.

Liam: The boys were rehearsing and Josh didn’t have to play so you two hung out a little bit backstage. You guys found some redbull and candy and you were super hyper. You were acting like little kids and chasing each other around when finally Josh got tired and sat down. You didn’t see him and tripped over his foot landing in his lap. You put your arm around his neck and you remained there for a few minutes just laughing, but you were interrupted by the boys taking a break and walking towards you. You stopped laughing when Liam looked at you with a hurt and confused look on his face. You took your arm from around Josh’s neck and used it to get up. You tried not to look panicked and you assured Liam that nothing happened. You two got lunch, and you assumed there was no problem, but from then on even when they didn’t need Josh to play he still had to stay on stage - obviously Liam’s work.

Harry: You were playing spin the bottle with Harry, the boys, and a couple other people. You were getting pretty tired of watching Harry snogging a bunch of beautiful girls and you were ecstatic when Josh had to kiss you. You looked at Harry who already had a sour look on his face. You turn back to Josh who is already leaning towards you. You made sure to give Josh a long, slow kiss (just to piss of Harry), and it definitely worked. Harry put on a fake smile and said, “I think you two are done now,” While taking your arm and lightly pulling you away from him. You smirked when you saw Josh who obviously wanted to kiss you again. “Well I’m pretty tired - Y/N, let’s go home.” Harry said, tugging you away from the group. “I don’t want to go yet babe… I’m having so much fun!” You whined. Harry took one look at Josh and pulled you out the door. You slouched down in the car seat. “What’s your problem?” You knew what his problem was. You couldn’t help yourself though - Harry was kissing girls all night and it was driving you crazy. “What the hell were you doing in there?” He shouts at you. “What do you mean?” “You were making out with Josh!” “Oh give me a break! You kissed people tonight too!” “I didn’t make out with them!” Harry’s face was bright red. “Somebody’s jealous!” You sang. “Shut up,” Harry said, trying not to smile.

Zayn: Zayn always knew you and Josh were really good friends, but what he didn’t know is that you two dated in high school. When you broke up, you decided to still be friends but nothing more than that. When Josh became the drummer for One Direction, he knew you and Zayn would make an amazing couple and introduced you two. When you and Zayn officially started dating, you agreed with Josh that you wouldn’t tell him about your dating in high school because Zayn was definitely the jealous type. After you and Zayn dated for a few months, directioners found pictures of you and Josh kissing. When you logged onto your tumblr every single picture on your dash was of you two. Your phone started ringing, and it was Zayn calling you.  You picked up and he said, “Come over. I want to talk to you.” and hung up. You wiped the tears out of your eyes and immediately headed over to Zayn’s flat. “Is the picture real?” He asked you. “Y-Yes, Zayn, but we were in high school!” Zayn breathed out. That didn’t make anything better. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I didn’t want you to think me and Josh were anything more than friends,” you answered. “We were over long before I met you, okay?” Zayn just nodded his head. Zayn treated Josh very differently from that day forward, and didn’t want you to hang out with him alone. Did I mention he was the jealous type?

Louis: Harry was having a huge party and invited pretty much everyone he knew… Including Eleanor. Neither you or Louis knew she was going to be there, but you soon found out when Eleanor came running to you two to say hello. You instantly became insecure and very self conscious, Eleanor was skinny, beautiful, and a lot of other things you weren’t. Louis and Eleanor were talking, totally ignoring you, so you decided to go be flirty with Josh. You two starting dancing and that’s when Louis finally noticed you. He excused himself from Eleanor and very angrily approached you and Josh. You and Josh were too into the song and your dancing to even notice Louis standing there, his arms crossed with steam practically blowing out his ears. He grabbed your arm tightly and pulled you away. Annoyed, you yelled at him, “What’s your problem?” Louis glared at Josh and pulled you away. “What? Are you jealous? What was I supposed to do while you were chatting it up with your fucking perfect ex-girlfriend?” “Oh please, Y/N, if she’s so perfect explain to me why I’m dating YOU not HER?” Louis shouted back. You didn’t know what to say back to him. Louis’ face softened and he said, “Look, Y/N, I love you more than anything. There’s a reason I’m dating you, not her.” Louis smiled and then kissed you.

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(#6) He finds your tumblr. *request*

Niall: You were smiling stupidly at your computer while sitting on the couch with your boyfriend, Niall. You had just found the one direction tumblr you had when you were a teenager. Everything you dreamed about had come true. You looked up to see Niall staring at you curiously. Shit. You whispered under your breath. Niall couldn’t see this. He would think you were creepy and break up with you. You started to close the tab when Niall stopped you. “What is this?” “It’s nothing. Just a tumblr I found.” You lied. Niall started to read the bio. “My name’s Y/N and like every other 1D blog I’m in love with 5 sex god homosexuals” Niall said. “Is this you?” “Of course it’s not,” You bit your lip. Niall went to the ‘my face’ tab. Fuck. It was your digesting 15-year-old self all over the page. Niall was laughing so hard he could barely talk. “It is you! Oh… my… god you are so adorable!” Niall couldn’t breathe. Your face was burning when you grabbed your computer. “Shut up.” You hissed. “Can I see more of it?” He pleaded. “Of course you can’t!” You yelled. “Aw, why not?” “It’s embarrassing!” You replied. “No! It’s not embarrassing, it’s sweet!” You looked at him confused. You thought he’d be terrified. Instead, he thought it was cute. You reluctantly gave him back your laptop where he browsed your blog for hours. Good thing he didn’t find the fanfic you used to write. 

Liam: Liam was checking his twitter when he clicked the ‘connect’ button. Every single thing he saw was a link to a tumblr saying “@real_liam_payne ! We found Y/N’s old tumblr!” Liam clicked it and it was definitely your old tumblr. Liam tweeted, “Thnks for snding me the link 2 @Y/TWITTER/N ‘s tumblr its so cute! hehehe” You got this notification sent to your phone. The second you saw it you freaked out and ran to Liam to check to see what website it was. Sure enough, he  was scrolling through the embarrassing tumblr you had when you were just 14 years old. “Stop!” You yelled. “Why babe?” He looked disappointed. “This is so humiliating! How did anybody find that!” You cried. “Calm down babe, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I love it! Do you remember your password?” “Y-yes…” You replied. “Go on it! I want to post a video of us!” You laughed at him and agreed. You constantly updated your tumblr now (usually with Liam) and you had thousands of followers and got hundreds of messages everyday. You tried to reply to each and every one of them.  

Harry: You’re cuddling with Harry on the couch when he randomly asks, “Did you ever have a tumblr?” Your heart stopped for a minute. “What? Why?” “I think I found your old one.” Harry smiled. “What?! How?!” You sprang up. “A fan DMed it to me.” “What’s the URL?” You demanded. “Y/URL.” He said. He found your blog alright. You were absolutely terrified. What could he have seen? This is what every “tumblr directioner’s” worst nightmare was. And it happened to you. “Are you scared of me now?” You laughed. “Well - a little to be honest… but you reblogged more of Liam than you did of me. That’s a problem.” He smiled pulling you back onto the couch with him. You two scrolled through your blog for the rest of the night. It was pretty horrible. “I’m seriously going to kill whoever this fan is.” You groaned while holding your head as Harry continued to laugh at all of the things you posted as a teenager.

Zayn: You went out with your girlfriends and you came home late. When you walked through the door, Zayn was sitting on the couch, laughing while holding your computer. You slowly shut the door with your eyes wide and your heart beating fast. “Hey, Babe,” You said cautiously. He looked up and slammed your computer shut and put it to his side. You raise one eyebrow. “What were you doing?” You ask. “Nothing.” He answers a bit too quickly. You slowly walk towards your computer and open it. Your tumblr is one of the open tabs. You look at him. “You found my tumblr?” “Uh…” You laugh, a little embarrassed. “I- I didn’t mean to! I was on your computer and it was there…” You were too embarrassed to say anything, but you didn’t want it to show, so you just walked into your bedroom. After watching a bit of T.V., you came back out to see Zayn back on your tumblr. “Zayn!” You yelled. “What!?” He threw the computer to his side again and yelled back, “I’m - I’m not doing anything!” You laughed at him and this time took the computer with you this time.

Louis: It was late and you couldn’t sleep. You looked for your laptop then remembering you left it at your friend’s house, so you grabbed Louis’ instead. You went on your tumblr for a few hours and went to sleep at around 4am. You woke up really late and walked out of your bedroom to see Louis with his computer, laughing hysterically. Shit! You forgot to exit out before you went to sleep last night! “Louis,” You said, cautiously. He looked back at you with a huge grin on his face. “Good morning, love!” He shouted. “I see you’ve found my tumblr, then.” “Yes, darling. It’s fantastic!” “You weren’t meant to see it. Ever,” He noticed your face turning red. “Don’t be embarrassed, Y/N! It’s cute! Honest!” “How do you think that’s cute?” You said, starting to laugh with him. You sit down and show him more about your tumblr and eventually you stop being ashamed of it and you laugh together.

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(#5) Your bedroom. (picture preference)






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(#4) One of the other boys sees you naked.

Niall: You, Niall, and all the other boys were going to the beach. The boys are in the living room while you’re picking the bikini you want to wear… without any other clothes on. You hear talking get louder and closer to your bedroom but you’re not worried. All of the sudden the door opens and it’s not Niall. You shriek and fall to the floor. “I’M SO SORRY Y/N!” Liam yells. He just stands there in complete shock. “I NEED THE SUNSCREEN! WHERE’S THE SUNSCREEN?!” He covers his eyes. “IT’S IN THE BATHROOM!” You scream back. Liam keeps his eyes covered and runs to where he thinks the bathroom is but instead hits the wall. You hear the other boys coming and jump into the bed and go under the covers. All of the boys walk in. “What’s going on?” Harry says while looking at Liam on the floor. He turns to you. Liam gets up, still covering his eyes. “Can I look now?” He says. “Yes, Liam.” You groan. He takes his hands off of his eyes and turns to you. “Y/N I am SO sorry!” “Sorry for what?” Niall questions. “I was getting changed and Liam walked in..” You grumbled. “Lucky boy, Liam!” Harry shouts while patting Liam on the back. “Wait, so you’re totally naked under the sheets?” Harry smiles at you cheekily. “Yes, so can you please get out?” Harry winks at you and you groan and slide under the covers more. Niall pushes all of the boys out of the room so you can finished getting changed.

Liam: You were just about to take a shower. You were getting ready when you heard the boys walk into the flat. You started to take off all of your clothes and when you were walking towards the shower to turn the water on, you hear Harry yell, “I HAVE TO TAKE A WEEWEE!” and run towards the bathroom. Before you can even react Harry opens the door and you’re standing there stark naked. “Well hello, Y/N.” Harry smirks while checking out every inch of your body. You scream and run to grab the nearest towel to cover your body with. “Aw, why’d you do that?” “HARRY, GET OUT!” You scream, pointing to the door. “Well now that I’ve seen you naked, it’s only fair that you see me as well, don’t you think?” Harry laughs at your terrified expression. Liam runs to the bathroom to see you with a red face yelling at an obviously turned on Harry. He knows what happened and against Harry’s will drags him out of the bathroom. While you slam the door you hear Harry say, “Y/N is fit. You’re one lucky man, Liam Payne.”

Harry: You and Harry had a really wild night, and you slept in. You woke up in a really great mood. You decided to surprise Harry by walking out wearing nothing so you can go for round 2. You tiptoe out, trying to be as quiet as you can be. All of the sudden Louis turns his head and smiles at you. “Goodmorning, Y/N!” You scream really loudly and run as fast as you can towards the blanket on the couch (where Harry and Louis are) so you can cover yourself up. As soon as you’re covered you say, “Goodmorning, Louis.” Harry can’t help but laugh at you. “Shut up.” You growl, collapsing on the couch next to them. “Well, I think now would be a really great time for me to leave, don’t you agree Y/N?” Louis smirks at you. You nod. Louis grabs his things and leaves. You bury your head in your hands. “Well why’d you do that, love?” Harry can’t stop laughing at you. “I wanted to go for another round but you can forget that now!” You hiss at him. That makes him stop laughing. “Babe…” He pleads. “Nope.” You turn your head away and take the blanket with you to go get dressed. Harry catches up to you grabs you by the arm, making you drop the blanket. He grabs your waist and kisses your neck instantly turning you on. Let’s just say you got what you were looking for ;)

Zayn: You and Niall were swimming in the ocean while the other boys were either laying in the sand or playing in it (Louis). You were just fooling around, chasing and splashing each other when a huge wave approaches. “Fuck!” Niall yells. You both try to swim under it but you’re too late. You get knocked back with so much force your bikini top falls off! But you don’t even notice. You end up getting up right by Niall. Niall stares at your chest with a deep red face. You look down and shriek. “Where’d it go?!” You scream. “I- I don’t know!” Niall screams back, flustered. You look into the ocean and see your top really far out. You start to swim to get it but Niall stops you. “I’ll get it, just stay here.” He says, still trying to get a peek at your boobs. You wait anxiously as Niall swims out to get your bikini. When he comes back he smiles at you cheekily and says, “Now, you only get this back if I get to put it on for you. You glare at him and agree. You put your neck through the strap and Niall ties it for you. Niall isn’t embarrassed anymore, but you are. You two decide not to tell Zayn because you know how jealous he can get.

Louis: You and Louis decide to go skinny dipping because, well, it’d be fun. After about a half an hour, Louis’ phone rings and he steps inside. You expect him to be back out after 5 minutes, but after 15 you decide to go inside. You look for a towel, but stupidly you forgot to bring one outside with you, so you just walk inside wearing nothing when you see Zayn staring at you with the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen on him or anyone. You scream and dive behind the couch. Louis just laughs at you, but Zayn is incredibly embarrassed and whispers, “sorry” while he gets his things and runs out of the house. “You don’t have to leave!” Louis shouts after him. “No, no, I think I do,” Zayn says before looking at you again (he can see you from the angle he’s at now) and then dashing out the door. “Well that certainly killed the mood.” You groan before walking to the bathroom to dry off. “Where are you going, love? Won’t you join me back in the pool?” He says taking the towel off of his waist. He grabs your ass, squeezes it and you yelp. He picks you up and runs with you back to the pool, both of you laughing the whole way.

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(#3) Your first pet. (picture preference)






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(#2) He finds out you like hardcore music. *request*

Niall: You were at your flat alone listening to your music in your headphones. Your favorite band, Asking Alexandria, came on. You started dancing around your kitchen and you don’t hear your boyfriend come in. He hugs you from behind and pulls out a headphone so he can listen. You try to pull away (you look like a very innocent girly-girl from the outside), but he gets it anyways. After a little bit he takes it out and says, “I didn’t know you listened to this stuff.” You didn’t know what to say so you just shrugged. You tried to show Niall more of their songs but he didn’t really like it. He apologized to you and you just laughed.

Liam: You were hanging out at home listening to music on your iPhone. You were listening to your favorite band, Attack Attack!, and your boyfriend walked in. “What is this noise?” You quickly scrambled to silence the speakers and looked at Liam. “Were you listening to music?” You were embarrassed and you looked down as you nodded your head. “Why are you embarrassed? It’s not bad! …Just… different!” he smiled at you. When he was on tour and it was your birthday, Liam did a much softer version of your favorite Attack Attack! song.

Harry: You were listening to Escape The Fate and air drumming when Harry came in and starting laughing at you. You stopped the music and turned a bright shade of red. “What song was that?” Harry asked you. You played the song for Harry, and he ended up really liking it. For concerts Harry loved to sing part of a softer version of your favorite ETF song.

Zayn: You were alone at home (or so you thought) dancing to Black Veil Brides. You’re singing softly to it and you hear laughing and immediately turn around. You see Zayn standing there, mouthing the words to the song. You look at him, shocked. “I didn’t know you listened to this,” You said to him. “I didn’t know YOU listened to this.” He smiled. You two danced to their music for a while - Zayn always said he couldn’t dance, but he was really sexy when he danced. ;)

LouisLouis was using your laptop (you didn’t mind) when you weren’t home and he wanted to play some music. He opened your iTunes and started looking at your songs. He saw a “Pierce the Veil” folder. He didn’t know what that was so he decided to play a couple of songs. When you got home, Louis was mouthing the words to some of your favorite Pierce the Veil songs and you were laughing at him. “I didn’t know you liked these songs, love!” he said to you. “Well you seem to like them too?” Louis nodded and kissed you.

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(#1) You first meet.

Niall: You were going to buy groceries and you were looking on your list. You had to get some eggs and when you were walking towards them, you accidentally bumped into a blonde-haired boy. You quickly looked at him and muttered “sorry..” and kept going. This boy followed you around the store until you looked back at him. “can I help you?” you asked, just realizing how handsome he was. He smiled at you and asked for your number.

Liam: You’re on vacation with your best friend, and you’re sitting at the edge of the pool. Your best friend runs up to you and pushes you in as she runs away laughing. You stand there soaking wet for a moment stunned. Then, anger rushes over you and you scream your friend’s name. Before you can even get out of the pool, a boy comes up to you and asks if you need help. You blush and say no thank you, but he doesn’t take no for an answer. He gives you his hand and pulls you out of the pool. You shyly thank him and start to walk away but he stops you to ask how long you’ll be staying here.

Harry: You out clubbing with your girlfriends, but you seem to have lost them somehow. You call out their names, but it’s too loud for you to even hear yourself. Suddenly a big man comes behind you and whispers in your ear, “are you alone tonight?” you say no and try to get away, but he doesn’t let you out of his firm grip. “please leave me alone,” you say to him. He asks why he should. A curly haired boy comes through a large crowd of people and says “because she’s with me, of course.” The boy isn’t intimidating, but the man leaves anyways. The boy comes up to you and says, “Sorry I told him you were here with me. No - please don’t thank me.” he adds as you start to try to say thank you. “How can I repay you? Would you like a drink?” You ask him. “How about your number?” He says with a smirk.

Zayn: You were walking down the street in your high heels when you trip over your own feet. You fall on your knees, scratching them up quite a bit. You curse under you breath and start to get up when you see a man bolting towards you saying “are you okay?” you smile up at him and say, “I’m not hurt, can’t say the same for my pride..” He laughs and helps you up. “Would you like to go get some coffee?”

A/N:So I accidentally deleted my preference blog. So I lost all of my followers (which sucks) and I lost all of my posts (which also sucks) So I googled my URL and I found this one. So, I’m reposting it. Hopefully I can find the other ones too.

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